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Heaven Is For Real Book Review

A few weeks ago I was headed out to pick up my kid from school. He was a car rider, which meant I was going 1 hour before the bell rang for dismissal. What I was doing to pass the time while waiting was catching up on reading in our car. My daughter also very adorably would grab her own book to read while we waited.

I began reading this book Heaven Is For Real by mistake actually. I had intended to read it after the book I was currently reading Teaching My Kids Values. Anyways I got ahold of the book and began reading.

From the reviews on the back cover it was a book that could be read from cover-to-cover. It was that captivating. Sure enough, I read the book in the span of 3-days. This book has been in the public eye for some time also has its own movie. I’ve been dwelling under a cave, I guess. If you haven’t read this book like me I don’t want to spoil it for you. It’s an amazing and captivating story. It made me cry and learn so much from the main little character, Colton. If miracles, heaven, God, parenting are something that speaks to you I highly recommend this book.

This story is about a boy’s telling of his journey to heaven after becoming incredibly sick due to a ruptured appendix. His illness of appendicitis goes undiagnosed and when it’s finally discovered its a rupture. He will need surgery to clean out his insides. All the while his father who is Pastor deals with his son’s illness, his own relationship with God, and then his son’s close encounter with death…

I finished this book so quickly because the story was beyond captivating. It was moving, it made me think of my children. To have to see them in such a state and be powerless to help them brought me to the brink of tears, I’m serious. It made my belief even stronger and I want to share this book with my loved ones. It’s an amazing, powerful story and definitely brought my spiritual growth way up.

I’ve yet to see the movie that was produced after this book was published but its one that i’ll be watching with my son beside me. ♡♡♡

Thanks For Reading

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Never Take An Eye Injury Lightly! My Fur Baby’s Story. â™¡

We moved out of our apartment last year in December. While I was glad that we’d be moving in with family I was sad because my fur baby would not be coming along with us. That home already he 2 doggys and were not very friendly to new doggys plus my boy is not the friendly doggy either.

He’d be staying with my dad, his grandpa. I was happy because my baby loves going over there. My dad too loves his grandog. Because my dad loved Tommy, my dog, is the reason I kept him after his siblings were adopted. Tommy was going to be adopted by a wonderful lady but in the end we all wanted him to stay and join the bunch.

All was going well as Tommy got settled in his new, temporary home. I go over every week, sometimes two times per week to visit. At first he was confused because he didn’t know why he was staying. But after a few months he seemed uninterested in our visits. Lol. That’s okay with me I’d rather him not miss us. I’d be feeling devasted if he was missing us knowing that I can’t bring him YET.

Anyways I mentioned before that Tommy is not a friendly doggy. He hates other dogs. But not my dad’s dogs because I’d always take him over there heck he was born there. My dad’s dogs include Tommy’s birth mom Grammy, his biological uncles Chino and Gordo, and his adopted grandpa Duke. His biological dad passed away last year unfortunately due to a tragedy…

Tommy was born there with 3 other puppies. The other 3 were adoped by my manager, my co-worker and my managers friend. They all have good homes. We kept Tommy because we fell in love with him. Tommy grew up in my dads home into i brought him with us at the age of 5 months old. Though the years we always have visited.

As Tommy got older, he will he 4 in January, he has gotten more meaner with other dogs. He began fighting with one of my dads dogs Gordo. This was not good. I’m pretty sure it’s an alpha thing but they began going at it. I asked for my dog to be kept in the cage at all times to keep him away from the other dog. Tommy is the new dog also he’s the one that’s beginning the fight antagonist little boy. But sure enough after the dust settled all went back to normal. Tommy was let out of the age and then another fight.

I saw him and I noticed his eye red and swollen. It didn’t look terrible but noticeable. The other dog scratched him. My mistake was not taking him to the vet right there to get checked out. We wouldn’t know for 2 months or so that that injury would make my dog develop a catarct in his eye. My dogs eye began looking cloudy and foggy. A blood sample revealed there was no metabolic activity going on and that the trauma he endured from that scratch ruined his eye and led to the cataract. The vet herself couldn’t believe that it was due to the trauma. I did Google it and it said that cataracts CAN happen due to trauma but its RARE.

I feel awful. I’m glad he has his eye to say the least, it could have been worse. I should have taken him to the vet. Maybe some eyedrops may have helped but I don’t know. Of course surgery is an option but Vets won’t operate if the dog has one good eye still going and its a hefty price too. One of my favorite things about my pup are his eyes, a light brown color. I used to say all my boys have light brown eyes. My hubby, my son and my fur baby. I f***** up. 😔

Again, never take anything lightly. It didnt look like much but boy did it have some sad consequences. Absolutely he’s staying the heck away from that dog and in his crate like his Mother insisted in the first place. 😑

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My 20-Month Old Is Obsessed With Me♡♡♡

My darling, feisty daughter is now 20 months old. It’s hard to believe that in 4 short months we will be celebrating her 2 years. With the holidays in between I should honesly be planning the day NOW because the fun and madness of the holiday season makes time go by so quickly.

Staying Home

I’m still staying home with my little girl. I’m very grateful for our time together. She’s still very much a mama’s girl and is very obsessed with mama bear. She always wants to be held and be right by my side. If I go to a room she will follow. Wherever I go she’s right there and if anyone wants to take her for a short time she will cry very loudly. We’ve been attempting ways of getting her off of me, if you will. Things like running errands with just daddy or staying home with grandma while mommy runs out to get big brother from school. I want her know that she’s okay with others. It’s okay to be away from mommy. It’s working slowly but she’s very attached.

My eldest was hardly this way. He was attached as a baby but after the 1 year old he was fine going with other family. From a young age he’s been a daddy’s boy. He is HIS favorite person ever. But I don’t remember him being this attached to me.

But I am enjoying all the extra love my girl gives me. Her kisses and snuggles are the best. Just this night she was hugging me while falling fast asleep. She ended up waking and didn’t go back to bed 2 hours later. 😅 Those hugs are the best rewards after a long day.

SAHM Life Is Hard Sometimes…

I’ve been having many hard SAHM days. There’s days where I want to shout outloud (and I do). There’s days when I just want to pry my daughter off because I feel suffocated at times. She’s been excessively crying too. She’s been getting into the habit of what I called the tantrum crying. When we say no to something, instantly the super loud girl crying will begin. Waahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


Speech Therapy?

So yeah it’s been rough but we’re getting through it. She’s began saying more words now. She can say, “i love you.” It sounds more like, “i luv mmm.” I’m super proud because up until a month ago it seemed like we were never going to attempt a new word other than mama. As of now doc doesn’t think we’ll need speech therapy. While she still points to everything she’s trying to get the words out. That’s one thing I’ve been working with her is getting more words into her brain then hoping she can babble some out. Our doctor suggested to play close attention to her babbles. While they do sound cute in them, he says, that babies spit word out through them. Baabaauaaaagua agua, water. It’s my job to listen for any words then point them out to her.

My Little Gem

Her second birthday will be unicorn themed! I scored on a great deal on Amazon for a party set that was $25 but got it for 50% off! That way I’m slowing gathering her things for her big day. Gosh she’s getting so big! Less and less like a babygirl and looking more like a tiny, little lady. My mama heart could burst for my sweetie. While it aches that she’s outgrowing my arms, she’ll never outgrow my heart. After a long tough day, seeing my 2 happy children makes everything worth while. It sounds cliche but sometimes during the day I see red from so much frustration. But then the peace and quite settles in after there down for bed and they look so angelic sleeping. Its then that I realize how crazy they can make me but how important they are to me. Mama life is the best life!!!!!


Thanks for Reading!!!!!


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My 5-year Injured At School and No Phone Call To Mom!

Monday I headed out the door at 3 PM with my toddler to pick up my son at school. We waited for him, the school is nearby to home. The bell rings and the kindergarten walkers are making there way to the parents. I see a pink mark on my sons left cheek…

The teacher’s assistant tells me to ask the teacher because she noticed it too. I walk away but his teacher catches up. She explains that my son and another student collided with each other during PE. It just now began turning pink. She tells me he cried but she’s bot not entirely sure because it happened in PE. I drive home my sons son’s story matches what the teacher said. Its no big deal at this point boys will be boys. Later that evening the pink turns to bruising and swelling. The swelling is going up just beneath the eye. Its beginning to look like it wasn’t just a small collision but quite a powerful impact. It gets worse as night falls and I’m fuming.

Wednesday morning he did not attend class as he was still bruised up and it was an early out day. I did go to the office to ask for a clearer explanation as to how it happened and why I was not notified about the injury. I was then informed at the office that my son wasn’t even seen by the school nurse when it happened. It was a face injury! The principal is going to look into it but the PE coach is supposed to call me.

I’m pissed. Not that the injury occured because I know my son, he always gets hurt especially during playtime. I’m upset that I didn’t get notified and more upset that he did not see a nurse when it happened. The nurse looked at him today and by her face she knows the teacher in charge of him SHOULD have sent him down to see her. It’s infuriating. So far we’ve liked that school but this is insane. It was no light collision it looks like my son hit a wall or got punched in the face. 😔

Let’s hope the coach calls me today or I’ll be in that office again. It’s absolutely unacceptable. I feel so bad for my baby! Thankfully he’s not in any pain but it must have hurt at the time. He did cry of course! Am I wrong?!


*Update the school called and let me know the situation. My son at the time felt fine and went back to playing. It did look like a major collision but he felt fine enough to go back and play after sitting down for a while. The coach felt that since he was okay to go back playing it was okay to let him go back. We all agree that he should have been sent to nurse to get checked out. All is okay because my son’s story matched and my boy is a wild one. He’s always getting bruised up for playing. #BOYMOMLIFE 😣

Thanks for reading!

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The Gifted School By Bruce Holsinger

I’m happy to report that I’ve been keeping up with my goal of reading more books. I just finished this awesome new read, The Gifted School By Bruce Holsinger. This book was released this past July. I researched that supposedly a t.v. series might be in the works for this fictional novel. I would be so glad and stoked to see that become a reality! It’s a good and juicy story indeed, perfect for t.v. But I personally hope Netflix catches it since I don’t own cable. Lol

The story is based in Colorado in the town of Crystal. The main characters in the novel is a group of four mom friends Rose, Samantha, Lauren, and Azra. All of them have been friends for 11 years and value their group. The group consist of a pediatric neurologist, a psychologist, one owns her own store and the fourth’s husband is in politics. All are well off and successful.

The plot of the story is surrounding the announcement of this new exclusive school that will soon be opening in town. The school is exclusive to only those students who are exceptionally intelligent or gifted. The school will be a public free school. When the friends learn of this new school they are all very intrigued. Secretly each of them very much want a spot for their child. As the story progresses we see just how far a parent will go to get their child into this gifted school. It kind of mirrors the whole Aunt Becky scandal from earlier this year. Through the chapters we see each family member’s vision and thoughts of the school. We see how the personalities change and their consequences. We also find out how some of the children feel about the school and their own input about the gifted school. Towards the end of the story we’re hit with a major secret revealed that is hardly expected. What a plot twist!

I loved this novel. It was very detailed. Each chapter is narrated by a different character. Not one character is alike, different careers, personalities and interests. The author did a wonderful job keeping my nose in this book every night. Again, I’m excited if a series does come out from this story and I’d love another book to continue this captivating tale. I must know how the Emmas are doing after THAT revelation.

This book made me begin thinking of school and smarts for my kindergartener. We all want our kids to excel and do bigger and better things than ourselves. It definitely got me thinking of what I want for my child as he gets older. Of course I want good grades but more importantly I want a child that’s confident in themselves and happy. I was a very shy student and that took a while for me to overcome. When oral presentations came up I shook in terror. Yeah, for him to not have to go through that fear would be awesome.

Thanks for reading! 💕

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Stress, Go Away!

Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better title but it’s the solid truth and topic. My beloved and I are being succumbed to death by stress and a good fair of anxiety for the both of us.

1. Primary Cause- House Buying

Holy cow, have we’ve felt like we’re way over our heads in this whole process. If it’s not one document thats needed it’s a new one. Our seller did not want to give us a penny in closing costs and that’s the main cause. We came to some type of terms but were still putting a good chunck of the closing costs and of course the big old down payment. We’re tired and I hope we get the end of this tunnel. Don’t even ask me when the exact closing date will be but it’s the last week of October. All I look forward to is our new den! I look forward to having my desk and space where I can read and write after these two kiddos hit the sack.

2. Secondary Cause- New Jobs

My beloved scored an awesome opportunity for a salary position at a new restaurant that’s opening up. It’ll be a huge help with our new home. This fantastic opportunity has taken a tremendous weight off his shoulders. His start date is right after the closing date. The closeness of those two events scares me a bit because the moving and packing and blah, blah! But these of course are good problems to have! Not complaining but they do make it a bit tricky.

3. Last Headache-

I got an offer for a job as well. I went in for an interview last weekend for a Full-time Monday-Friday 8-5 employment. I was excited but shortly after the interview I was anything but content. The job was great and normally I’d be over the moon but I found myself not preforming amazing at the interview. Normally I rock at interviews, I’ve landed jobs that I should’ve passed on.

Anyways, this time was different. I wasn’t excited. It anything I was anxious. I was super nervous about how busy I’d become again through the week. It’s mainly due to my kids. My daughter is super attached. How will she do if I leave her just like that fast? My son would be in after school care but he will be moving schools because of the new house. Gosh, I wish we’d found something in our current school district. I feel a bit off leaving my child at a school that I won’t get the time to know the staff or teacher. I know his current school.

Finally, I heard back from the job this past Monday. It turns out that they hired another candidate BUT they liked me enough to offer a Per Diem position.

While I’m feeling both bummed and relieved to not have gotten that full-time job, I’m still uncertain about the as needed position I was offered. I said yes yesterday but the whole day has been with thoughts over thoughts. I’m not crazy about Per Diem because it’s as needed. It’s not even part-time. Of course while mama works the baby needs to be tended and the kindergartner needs to be picked up at 3:15 P.M. If my two days of work coincided with my beloved’s 2 days off during the week then this could work. But I’m not sure. I have the morning to decide if it’s a yes or a pass.

I’m a planner and not having the set schedule might drive me bonkers.

Thanks For Reading.

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Hunting For Our First Home â™¡â™¡â™¡

Three weeks ago me and my beloved made the decision to begin the house hunting process. This year our family of four have been renting at his parent’s house with the goal to finally purchase our first home. We made the call and set up the appointment with the real estate agent that helped his family purchase their home 5 years ago. I am done with renting. This will be our 4th home together…. 5 years later, 2 apartments and 1 mobile home we’re ready to be home owners!

The process of finding out our budget was quick so the house hunt began instantly. We wanted to stay near the school district for our kindergarten. However that was near to impossible. The homes available were not impressive and the ones that met all criteria were pending! We began looking farther from home and the home began to look nicer and nicer. Our hope was for a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom and nice yard with a fence. We wanted a nice kitchen and tile floor. As soon as we began the search in the next town over we were seeing home after home that met all those demands!

We were so impressed the first weekend we put on offer on a home that was near an elementary school. It was gorgeous! It was a 3one-bedroom 2-bath and had the yard and fence. However, our offer was rejected. Then we found another beautiful home that met all the criteria only lacked 1 bathroom but that was okay with me. After we refused the first homes counter offer they hit us again with a new one. This time they’d lower the price and pay closing costs. It was a great deal but we were too in love with the second home. It was bigger and on a quieter street. The designated elementary is only 5minutes down the street. We rejected the offer and put a new one one the second home, the 3-bed, 1 bath, and beautiful renovated kitchen. Our offer was accepted. Then it was rejected the next day! I guess the seller fell asleep on it and decided no on the offer. We thought yhe offer was very much fair. We decided to wait and look at new homes. At this point we began finding some real gems in the town we live in. However, my beloved was still stuck on the other home. It’s in Sarasota, Florida and he’s always wantec to live in that town. We kept hunting but couldn’t find any close to the home in Sarasota. We decided to offer more money. The new offer was accepted!

As of last week we have began the paper work. Our house inspections began this week and are done. Its an older home so we did a thorough seperate plumbing inspection which passed beautifully. We also did the normal, mandatory inspections that need to be made for insurance purposes. We’ve had a few hiccups with that because the owner turned off the water and the inspector was unable to do completely do the plumbing portion of the 4-point inspection crap report. We may have to pay extra to get the inspector to come back which is upsetting. There is another tiny problem with the property that we hope the owner will fix. Nonetheless the issue will be added to the contract and will have to be addressed by the seller now or now!

We love this home and I hope we close. The seller has been a pain and her realtor is a pain too! It turns out she worked with my realtor! Their company fired the other realtor. That explains why the water was not turned on on the day of the inspection when its standard protocol. Oh and the appointment was set up 4 days in advance. This has been my headache for the past week.

We are excited and hopeful! This is a major goal of ours and its exciting that its actually happening! But boy is it a pain in the butt at times! One thing that cheers me along is what happened when I brought my son to the home to show him the house we want to buy. He was beyond excited. He and my daughter were running and running in the living room. That brought back memories from when my parent’s bought our home in 1996! I vividly remember house hunting. I remember walking into the Florida room of the home and thinking of how big the room was! I remember running with my younger sister in the room. Seeing my kids do the same brought back all those beauty memories! My dad still lives in that house. I don’t think this will be our forever home but this gave me a big boast of engery for the tiring and stressful process of buying a home.

Thanks For Reading! ♡♡♡♡