2 Weeks…

There are 2 weeks left and it’ll be moving out day for us. Yes, Christmas is also in 2 weeks but our moving date is December 29th….not looking forward to the chaos that moving brings. Also, I’m a bit upset that all our beautiful holiday decor will be up and gone. The good thing is that I decorated November 1st this year so we could enjoy it the most we could. Still, I’m upset because moving is never fun especially during the holidays.

The fact is is that we could have ended the lease in February. However, we are crammed in this tiny 2 bedroom apartment with stuff up to my eyeballs. Not to mention the high price for this grand place is beginning to dwell on us… Still I will miss this apartment. This is our 3rd home and like the last two I will mourn it. The memories that were made in this place and how my son has grown since we first moved in! Our family grew from 3 to 4! This is my daughter’s first home. We brought her home from the hospital to here. This is where I learned how difficult motherhood can get having more than one kid. That first week having her home was insane. But also it was nice bringing her out to the lanai that first week to get some sunlight as she was getting a bit yellow. My son enjoyed playing with chalk on the concrete. He did ask if he could write on his new baby sister…son no.

We will be moving in with my mother in law until we decide our next move. My hun still has his mind set on moving to Colorado and getting out of Florida for a few years. My son is loving the idea because he wants to see snow! I’ve given him a 2 months time crunch. If he can not find an amazing job opportunity in CO, well we settle here. All I want is to get out of my mother in law’s. Haha. No, I’m teasing, I just want everything go settle in it’s place. I too dream of moving somewhere better. But for me its all about the kids. With our oldest starting elementary I want a city that is safe and has good schools and daycares. That’s all I want.


Weekend Wedding

This past Saturday was filled with love, joy, and happiness. We were invited to attend my fiance’s cousin’s wedding. Although, I wasn’t completely sure we’d be able to attend because our family is dealing with bronchitis (my youngest) and two ear infections (my son and myself). But we took our meds and found of best outfits and went out to celebrate with the family.

Truth was my earache is at it’s worst and now I’ll be asking everyone to repeat themselves because I am deaf in the infected left ear.

Waiting to see the bride, she’s my kid’s aunt.

I am that person that cries at weddings. I lose it. It was so unexpected. She looked so happy and her parents love her so much. It’s a huge moment for them I couldn’t hold back the tears. ❤

Mr and Mrs. 💑

It was so nice to see all the family. My honey comes from a really nice family. I always feel welcomed and I’m always laughing because they really are very funny!

Cousins❤ My sis in-law and our niece.

My mother in law😊

My Xavier with his favorite auntie ❤

My love

Xavier ❤What a champ! He was so well behaved for being sick.

Our family. ❤❤❤❤

Our anniversary is coming up on the 16th and it will be 7 years that I’ve been with my love. Although we are not married and I can’t show you a license of our union, I can tell you that our relationship is that of a marriage. We love each other and our kids. The wedding reminded us why it’s so special to have found that special person, your soulmate. The years fly by and I love him more every day and I thank God for putting him in my path. (again) We met in high school but we were only acquaintances, he literally sat next to my in 9th grade math class. We met again thanks to my sister and thus college program ceremony. This time we connected and haven’t stopped speaking since❤ Here we are 7 years later with our two darling kids and a love that is so strong. I can’t imagine sharing my life with anyone else.

What a great weekend!❤❤❤

URI Suck

There are so many times in the day that I hope my kids could stay little. While they drive me crazy-silly at times, I enjoy the chaos and laughs. I wish they could forever be small and fit securely, snug in my arms. But then again being so young and vulnerable can be frightening when going into  the dreaded flu season. 

We are sick. Well, me and my baby girl but my son has this cough that comes and goes. My poor baby girl has been sick with a terrible cold since Sunday. Both my children received their flu vaccine last Wednesday before Thanksgiving. While mama was prepared to have them become sick from the vaccine, their tiny bodies seemed to react well. There were no fevers no fussiness whatsoever. I thought I was in the clear especially with Miss Ximena…she got awfully sick with the her 6 month vaccines. Anyways, all seemed well until Sunday when she was feeling warmer. Sure enough, my darling was running a temperature.

I hate fevers. They scare me. They scare us. Xavier gave us a fright in 2016. He casually had a fever and in a matter of minutes he began convulsing in my arms, febrile seizure. I was all by myself on this Friday night in June and all I could think was that my baby was dying. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and hid lips blue. I ran out so they neighbors could call 911. It was a horrible night and never want to be in that scenario again…however, he did go through another one in August of the same year. But this time it was with his daddy. He knew what to do in this case but no father wants to see their baby convulsing.  We have been left traumatized. Thankfully, it was only a type of virus and he has never had another one of those seizures. As soon as he starts with the fevers we begin the Tylenol- Motrin alternating. 

This week has been rough, my poor dear had the fever for 2 days straight. Then it dwindled (THANK GOD) but a runny nose proceeded for the next days. Then finally Thursday this darn cough that progressed over night. You bet I took her to see her Dr. Friday morning. I take couvhing and colds really seriously…

Back when I was pregnant with Xavier extremely far along I caught a cold. Of course being pregnant my immune system was low. I caught that cold on a Wednesday. By Friday morning I was the in ER at the local hospital, I couldn’t catch my breath. It had progressed so rapidly in so little time I was amazed. I felt horribly sick but I was curious. I knew that I’d get a Chest Xray done. I went to school for and I’m a Rad tech so I was pretty stoked to be getting an xray done finally. I also had been at this same hospital 3 months earlier finishing up my clincicals. I though of which tech would do my Xray. I got my xray from a tech I knew, wished me the best with my new baby and it was clear I had Bronchitis. Yeah, nobody has time for that especially this 36 week pregnant lady! It was awful. My inhaler became my BFF. I remeber not being able to lie down and feeling like I could die if I couldn’t catch my breath… Of course I lived. But now I get them pretty frequent.

Back to my baby girl and her dr appointment. Thankfully her lungs sounded clear.  She majority congested because of the upper respiratory infection or the common cold and Dr says the virus will go it’s course. She recommended saline drops, humidifier and Pedialyte. If she spikes a fever or begins wheezing to bring her back.

It’s now Saturday and her cough is bad but getting better. No signs of fever or wheezing. But she is irritable. My heart hurts seeing her frustration as she fights me with the saline drops and the booger suction device thing. I remember with my oldest his Dr had recommended this Johnson’s baby bath that helps to soothe them. I think it has eucalyptus. While she still remains smiling and playing I hope she kicks this in the butt soon. At 9 months, not more can be done. I know Doctor’s advise against cough syrups. I just wonder why they are still available in stores? I purchased one that’s organic amd gentle. At this point all I can think about is Bronchitis and Pneumonia. No thank you. 

They are so cute when their little but it’s so scary. I worry so much but it gets easier as they get older. I see Xavier and he can take his medicine easily and understands me and why he needs this medicine. Ximena looks at me with sadness as if saying what did I do to deserve this mommy? 💔 I swear if these are the only two kids I have I will be glad. The heartaches and worry are sometimes a lot but it’s because I love them alot. ❤❤❤

Thanksgiving and Babies!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I’m hoping your holiday was as great as mine. Of course it began with chaos from all the cooking followed by the cleaning. From getting the kids ready for dinner to hauling my 2 dishes, 4 pies, whipped topping and extra chairs i was more than hungry by the time I arrived at dad’s house. HANGRY. Lol

But it was a great night. My family actually eats Thanksgiving at dinner time. I prefer this than eating early because my sweetie pie is usually at working during Thanksgiving. He went in at 7 am and got off around 9 pm. The overtime is great but theres nothing that compares to sitting down and eating together as a family.

It was the first Thanksgiving in a while that it was a packed house. Usually it’s only my dad, my 2 siblings and my kids. This year we invited my aunt and her family of 7. They had a baby girl in March,  she’s 1 month younger than my Ximena. My favorite cousin also came along with her newborn baby girl. The house was squirming with babies! I loved it its been a blessed year for my family. My sister in law had her baby girl in July. The fact that we all have our baby girls that are only months apart makes it very special. Years from now we will be reminscing of this special year. I joke that I do not have to give my daughter a sister with all the cousins she has now. It’s amazing and very heartwarming.

I just wish I would’ve taken better photos but with all the commotion and chaos this was the best we could get. I’m so thankful for my family and of course my two kiddos. They make my life worth while I love them more than they will ever know. They’re also the reason I actually engaged in Black Friday. That is online shopping of course. 😉

Happy Thanksgiving❤❤❤

6 Month Baby Girl 💕💕💕

It has been 6 months of pure joy with this girl! Words will never describe how happy and blessed I feel to have this little girl in my love and even for lucky to be her mama. She is my joy, my heart, my world. She is the sweetest thing ever! She is giggly and happy all the time! She is such a good baby! She sleeps great and loves eating! See the rolls? That’s mama’s milk right there!

We are still doing wonderful at breastfeeding! I just hope she doesn’t cut her first tooth anytime soon. I have no idea how that’ll go. But excited we have met this mark!

She is sitting on her own and eating solids. She’s still quite the little shrieker. Oh and she is not camera shy! It’s just difficult capturing her smile.

She’s just so perfect and a blessing to our family. We love her and I can’t believe in another 6 months she will be 1….slow day baby girl.

Thanks for reading. 😄


Loving Preschool But Hating The Germs!

My sweet boy completed his first week of preschool! The last month I’ve been preparing him simply by reminding him that school is nearing and soon he will be going. The whole time he was in denial up until last Sunday. As I was putting him down for bed I reminded him the big day was tomorrow!

Thankfully, he didn’t even shed a tear as a left him in his class. “I’m a big boy mama!” Oh did the memories come flooding in! I got in my car to drive back home with my baby girl and I shed tears. The day that I thought was long in the future was here. I have a preschooler.

The morning seemed endless. The time was dragging. I swear I could hear the faintest sounds so vividly because it was too quiet! Oh, how those four hours went on and on…. I would clean. Of course Ximena slept peacefully so she wouldn’t entertain mama’s mind. But 12pm came and I raced to get my precious, excited to hear of his first day! 😄

He cried on and off but did well for the first day! Moving forward too Friday and he did great! It was a bit of everything his first week. Knowing what he now knew from Monday he did not want to go back a second time on Tuesday. Wednesday he cried very hard as I left. That did hurt this mama…he cried, “Hug and a kiss!” But he was being held by a teacher assistant. BUT Thursday was a total 360! In the words of his teacher he had a smashing day!!!! He was so good!!!! He even ate a good portion of his lunch! By Friday he was hugging the teacher and just loving his school! This mama is relieved. Plus I got to see some of the crafts he did through out the week!!!! Anything he can create I see as gold! I got a picture of him his class and he pointed out hos friends. 😄❤

We’re getting the hang of this preschool thing but now on to the evil step sister if you will of this dilemma, the preschool germs! I am currently awake waiting to give my boy his 4th dosage of medicine. He’s been with a fever and sniffles all day. My poor boy. Me and his daddy are on alert because his fevers sky rocket and he has a history of febrile seizures….only 2 but that’s enough, thank you.

I’m hoping Sunday will make everything subside and get him better for Monday! The mom win for the day is that baby sister has an appointment on Monday so if big brother isn’t feeling well maybe they both can be seen by the doctor. Again, hoping he can kick this in the butt with the meds I got him on the Tylenol and Motrin schedule. Almost time for his medicine and for this mama to rest.

Good night!


Dear Middleschooler Me

Middle school years have to be some of the most horrible moments of my life. For one thing my mother passed away from being gravely ill for some time, in 7th grade….2006 was a huge blur and I thank God that I made it out of that year in one piece.

I remember vividly the first day of sixth grade. I remember breathing a sigh of relief as I saw a familiar face in the crowds of these teenage giants. My best friend from elementary, I clung to her for dear life. I was actually ready and pumped for middle school! I was happy and excited on that first day. I felt so grown up! I was going to have 7 classes and a schedule. I had met some of my teachers and they all seemed nice. I was excited, ready for it all…

I may have been ready for the academics but I was not ready for the grown up teenage crap that I was witnessing first-hand. I thought to myself, “dang, these girls are quick…” I wasn’t quite ready for the kissing, hugging, flirtyiness, boyfriend-having that was going around me. I was 12, they were 12! My parents would never…

I remember being super shy around boys and here were these girls being quite the contrary. I felt unready and maybe a bit left out since I had no clue of what this was and what to make of it. Thank goodness for my good friend because she too agreed that her parents would kill her if she behaved like them. She also wasn’t quite ready for this kind of maturity. I remember the boys not being so nice to me. I don’t think I was ugly I just didn’t give them that attention…even if I wanted too. My dad would kill me! That’s all I thought about in middle school and high school for that matter. Thanks Dad❤

If I could go back in time id tell myself it’s going go be okay. Who cares if your not ready to be like them, it’s okay! You’re dad is amazing and wants what’s best for you. These three years are going to fly by and you will not remember nor give a crap about any of it! Pssst I know alot of them to this day and sweetie you have it good! Those girls who were pretty nasty grew up to be nice and kind but starting their maturity that young may have marked them….teenage pregnancy and confused about love. Some of them have daughters of their own. I don’t even want to know what’s going on through their mind. Buy you waited and kept your purity and your heart. God saved you a special person. Heck he saved us both for each other…because I know he felt the pressure too. You’re going to be a college graduate and have a beautiful family. You did good girl, if mommy and daddy knew the obstacles and tests that you overcame they would be beyond proud, they are proud. You are smart and way ahead of your time.

Kids have it tougher these days all the social networks out there. Watch out for your kids. My dad always expected great things from me. I was afraid of letting him down. I respected my dad enough to study hard and not go astray…I wanted him to be proud of me. He didn’t have to tell me to behave I knew that dating had to wait…and now I’m okay with that. I remember those kids were super jerks! I only hope that my children will be okay when these years come upon them… It’s hard. The peer pressure is incredibly real and alot give in. Having amazing parents is the way to fight the peer pressure Thankfully highschool was a piece of cake. 😏😄

Thanks for reading. ❤