3 Doctors in 5 years

Last week we met my son’s new pediatrician. We liked our old pediatrician but we had to switch for the fourth time. My son is 5 and has had 4 different doctors in his little life. I only had 1 Pediatrician growing up so I find this crazy and annoying. This is why…

April 2014 Newborn

I hate switching doctors. Like I said this is the 4th doctor in 5 years. Our first doctor was a female doctor, Dr. R. I brought my newborn of 4 days old to her and she seemed very knowledgeable. The only occurrence that stuck with me is that I simply asked her about breastfeeding and she replied, “woah, he’s only 4 days old don6t try and put him on a schedule yet.” The funny was that she didn’t even let me finish my question. I simply wanted know how long he should be feeding and how often. Duh, he’s only 4 days old lady. Anyways, I figured out the breastfeeding thing on my own and at 2 week check’up my baby boy was back up to his birthweight and beyond. She congratulated me for my efforts which I appreciated. One thing I liked about this practice is that they had a lactation consultant. We would see this lady again in a few years and then I would find out why that feeling in my gut about her was there. Mama’s intuition was right on point.

Our Favorite Doctor!

On to our second doctor which is Dr. A. after our 1 month check up with Dr. R, I thought she was okay, but my in-law family told me about Dr. A and how he was amazing. He was through. He cared very much. He was extremely smart and skilled, ton of years of experience. Around 5 weeks or so my son developed these flakes on his head and these patches or spot on his forehead. Was this measles or chicken pox i was freaking out. I told my boyfriend auntie and she suggested I make an appointment with Dr. A. I called the office and got an appointment quickly. The flakes on his scalp for cradle rash. I honestly forgot the name of the rash that Xavier was diagnosed with. He prescribed a cream and told me that many times this rash can last up till 18 months in the child. Thankfully the rash subsided within a few weeks. After the first visit with Dr. A. I was very happy to switch. He was very smart and loved his job. He was very considerate. He also made me feel very proud as a mother by constantly telling me how great the baby looked. “You’re doing a real good job with him.” That meant alot being a mom at 21. I didn’t have my mom to guide me I was just relying on mother’s instinct and Google for the tips.

He went on to be my son’s pedistricatian until he was 2 years old. He decide to move his practice to a new county and it was an hour away from our town. I was very sad because I never had an issue at my appointments. He called me with blood test results right away because Xavier was anemic at 1 year old and his level was right back up. He called me to break the news about the moving.

Mama’s Childhood Pediatrician

Now I had to find a new pediatrician. I decided to check out my childhood pediatrician. He was very nice and extremely intelligent. He was also the doctor that was with us during the years of my moms sickness and death. My dad took me and my sister to see him after her death the next day. It was really to talk about it but he offered a warm hug which I still remember this years later. In the years that I had been a patient I saw his practice grow and expand. He now had 2 offices instead of 1. Him and the other Md, that I remember as a child. were still practicing. They added a physician assistant and a nurse practitioner to the clinic. I called and got an appointment at the new office. Just as I remembered him as a child he was the same Dr. P. Now my son was older and wasn’t going to the doctor regularly. This was the pediatrician we were seeing when my son had these 2 febrile seizures. At the end of August we were sent a letter notifying us that our insurance plan was being dropped.

Back to Dr. R

Now again we and to look for a new pediatrician. I decided to go back to our very first doctor, Dr. R. I got an appoint for his 3-year physical. I was very anxious because my son was very stranger-danger and a mood-swinging tot! Much to my worries and anxiety the whole appointment was a disaster! I remember trying to get him to sit still but he wasn’t having any of it. The doctor tried as well but only for a few minutes before getting quite upset with my 3-year old. I remember seeing him and cry and completely afraid of her. I had tears in my eyes from seeing my son act this was but more importantly seeing the provider be so aggressive my him. After he saw her anger his senses kicked in at decided to pay attention and listen to her ever word. While this appointment left me quite traumatized we returned in 2 weeks for a re-check and the appointment went very well because the torment was still fresh in his mind. I didn’t return for his 3-month check-up. The only time I ever saw a provider act this way towards a child was my boss, a surgeon in 2016. His patient, the older brother was coming in to get his cast. At the check-out window, his little brother began getting fussy they were at our clinic for 2 hours. I sympathized with the mom. Then the doctor comes storming out of the office and begins yelling at the mom to give the baby a bottle or make his hush! The mother was in shock! I was in disgust and horrified! This event is a huge reason why I called quite in that place after 11 months of employment.

Changing Insurance

Afterward I decided to change our insurance completely so we could return with Dr. P. Even when my son was a challenge, he never let frustration get to him. He understood kids. I later found out that the Dr. R. had very unpleasant reviews. Some records indicated that she was a different type of doctor before switching to pediatrics. I was very hard on myself for not trusting my gut and returning to that provider. It was ver unprofessional. Now were back to the present time. We had Dr. P. We brought our baby girl to their practice too. Everything was going smoothly for 2 years until this past April that we were notified that our insurance dropped his office. When will it end?

Last Week

We met my son’s new provider Dr. V. She has lots of years of experience and 5 starts on reviews. My first impression was that she was very nice and welcoming. However, during the visit she kind of talked down towards me, maybe she saw that I looked quite young? They checked his ears because he was complaining of pain. She first told me that I should never clean his ears. In the 5 years he’s been alive and 4 providers he has seen I never heard of this. Anyways, his left ear was clogged with wax that we will return to the office to get flushed out. I did this procedure when I worked in primary care and my son is going to hate it. Anyways, I felt like she thought I was clueless, kept saying to do this at home treatment to the left ear not the right. “Which hand does he write with?” “The right one.” “Okay, remember it’s the other one.” 😑 Let’s just say she made me uncomfortable and I’m not looking forward to going in on Monday but as long as she can keep my boy healthy whatever with me. We’ll see how far we get with this one. Another thing that wasn’t too great of the practice that its pretty dull looking. My own son asked the Medical Assistant if it’s an old doctor. He meant, is this a doctor for grown-ups? 😅

But we shall see how this goes. It’s a headache but hopefully by the end of May I can register my kid to start kindergarten. We need that physical!

Rant Over

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Unicorn Parties Are For Everyone

Thursday night we celebrated my younger sister’s 25th birthday!

This year me and her boyfriend planned to surprise her. He decided on a unicorn themed cake so of course I had to see what unicorn party decor I could find.I think it safe to say that Target is the queen of pretty. Everything in that store is lovely. They had the unicorn theme and I went ballistic. It was perfect, adorable and not a bad price at all.

The table cloth, plates, unicorn piñata, and party favor bags are from Target. The balloons and banner are from Dollar Tree.

We all arrived at the house in the evening. It was a small crowd just me and my kids, her best friend and her boyfriend. Our cousin’s and baby niece and my brother. Her boyfriend brought her and we all shouted surprise!!!

We found out earlier that the surprise was spoiled earlier!😅 Its okay though she may have known there was a party going on but not a unicorn party

We went to a hibachi restaurant after the surprise at home.

Then we came back for cake, presents, pictures and bad singing!


Both me and her boyfriend forgot her birthday candle. But we made it work with a candle candle. It’s better than a lighter. 🤷‍♀️

It was awesome. I too now want a unicorn party! 🤣

Happy Birthday Erica you are now a quarter of century old. Always remember you’re magical!

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A Lovely Weekend♡♡♡

My mother’s day weekend started off on Thurdsay. The best gift I received this year was that my fiancee was off of work from Friday to Monday! Having the whole weekend off is something that is not expected in the culinary field. Also he did not ask for the days off ahead of time. The universe knew that this mom, me, needed him home. My 15 month old is fussy as can be and I’m not sure why. My 5 year old is getting mouthy and more stubborn. I have no clue how I will survive summer break. To cool things off my kids are fighting like cats and dogs almost constantly but I expected that as they both have the same temperament.


Anyways we planned on spending quality time and get the kids out of the house. Friday we had plans to go out and do some mothers day shopping for my mother-in-law, but I decided to load up the kids in the Corolla and head to my dad’s. Friday was mothers day for the Hispanic community and we all wanted to go as a family to leave flowers at mom’s grave. It was also pretty incredible that all 4 of of use were available my dad, my sister, my brother and myself. We spent Friday together untill about 7pm. We took her flowers. We also went with dad to run errands and stopped by at Checkers. I know my dad enjoyed the company and the chaos that my kids created in the car. He lives for that stuff ha! It was nice. This year my son is older and understood more about what a cemetery is and the people that are there. It was cute seeing him say happy Mothers day to his grandma while looking up at the sky. ♡


We woke up bright early at 8 am to make the 1 hour drive to Tampa, Florida to go to Busch Gardens. We bought annual passes for the first time ever back in February and have only used them once. We definitely have to get our moneys worth. Last time we went with the family grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousin ect. This time is was just our little family of four.

The first ever time we back in February we arrived pretty early and came back home late but hardly did as much as we accomplished thistime. We got in at 1030. We went on a 30 minute train ride through the park. We ate a total of 4 times with out all day dining deal bracelet. It was hot outside at 90° but Xavier got to cool off for a whole hour at the water area. We’re definitely making it a priotory to go straight there.

Mom and Dad overheating while our baby boy enjoys the water.

Afterward we chilled out at the Sesame Street part of the park. Mama got a work out doing up and down these epic treehouses and jungle gyms with my boy. My baby daughter was old this time to enjoy the carousel and a mini ferris wheel.

We came back home at 6 arrived at 7pm. Then it was laundry time for mama. It was a good day Saturday. Oh and we made Mexican Sopes that night with my in-law. It’s a basically a a thick corn tortilla with the edges raised a bit. Its then spread with beans, meat, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Yum!

Sunday Mothers Day 2019

Our Sunday started off with oatmeal for the kids and taco de chorizo, potato and eggs for the parents. No, I didn’t get breakfast in bed we were all still exhausted from all the fun Busch Gardens. We got ready for church and attended. Then headed to TjMaxx for grandma’s gift. We arrived back home to my fiancee whole family there. We ordered pizza and enjoyed each other’s company. I got my mother’s days gift a brown Michael Kohrs tote that I LOVE along with some frames and a pink jewelry box. Grandma got a plant and a frame as well. My son picked it out and specifically said only photos of him are allowed. Ha! What a funny guy!

It was a busy 3-day weekend but worth every bit of the energy spent. It was lovely to spend quality time with all our loved ones. I got to spend time with my dad and siblings on a day that used to be difficult for us. Just being together and knowing that were here for each other on our 13th mother’s day without mama.

Jamming out to BTS the entire trip of course.

Belated Happy Mothers Day!

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My Preschooler

Today I received my son’s graduation picture form to order prints.

I’m a sucker for these photos but it’s a beautiful memory of my preschooler.

I have a cousin this year who is graduating from high school and I remember her first day of kindergarten. It absolutely feels like it was just yesterday her mama, my aunt, was crying about her first day.

The days are long but the years are short. How can this be true? But it’s absolutely a fact and my mommy heart aches. I love seeing my kids grow and blossom but I get emotional seeing him be less and less a baby. I just got off my Instagram account but I remembered a small picture video that I created of my favorite pictures of his first year. It got me teary-eyed because even though it was 5 years ago I still remember taking those pictures. I remember holding him. I remember those chunky, baby thighs, and that gummy smile that I adored.

Motherhood is wonderful but it really feels like your heart is walking right out you when they’re born.

2015, 17 months olds and my birthday! He absolutely wouldn’t stay still for a second!

How I thought you’d stay this small for longer than you actually did.

Feeling very grateful to have my baby boy. No matter the age he will always be my baby. No matter how much he pushes my buttons I will always love my child endlessly. I think I’m going to use these long days for extra hugs and cuddles with my two favorite little people in the world.

Love being a mama.

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BTS and Billboards Music Awards 2019

It’s been years, 6 years to be exact, that I’ve sat down and watched a music awards show from red carpet to final performance. The anticipation to watch your favorite star, the joyful feeling of seeing them perform and their reaction of getting an award! Not just any award, one that you as a fan wanted them to receive but didn’t know if it’d be even possible.

Last night, the humble but supergroup that is BTS won 2 awards at the Billboards Music Awards. The first was Top Social Artist, which they’ve recieved 3 years in a row now. They also took home Top/Duo Group beating out extreme competition such as Maroon5, Imagine Dragons and Panic! At The Disco!

Holy sh**, I honestly didn’t think they’d win because the competition was fierce and while they have so many fans there are still so many haters. But they did it and I couldn’t be any more happier! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

One thing that I love about this group is that they are always thankful to their loyal fans. A celebrity would be nothing without their following. We the consumer and the fan put the celebrity up there and BTS realizes that.

But for starters, THEY HAVE SO MUCH TALENT! That is why they are so loved! From the song-writing, producing to the choreography, these guys don’t disappoint! Wow!

But why are there still so many haters?! Okay, my significant other is NOT a fan. He thinks it’s not music. “How can you like a song that you can’t understand?!” “It’s just beats, where are the instruments?” He just doesn’t like Pop music honestly. But I’m okay with him not likeing them. Music is different and there are so many selections for everyone and everybody! I like BTS. I haven’t had a single song to love or a group to adore in years! They all suck, in my opinion. No, I’m just kidding it. I just don’t like them much. Celebrities like Drake, Taylor Swift, Ariana, who ever else is hot right now I only like 1 or 2 songs from theres. Heck, if you asked me to name a Latino (Spanish-speaking) artist I’d be really clueless-on that one! From the ones I’ve heard lately, it’s alot of mumbling and sex, sex, sex or f***, f***, f***. Yeah, no thanks. It’s fine if you like Bad Bunny and Nicky Jam but they’re not my cup of tea. I like Ozuna’s voice, but I don’t like them because my kids are with me 100% of the time and I don’t want them hearing sexy music. It just doesn’t fit me as a mom. I like music that’s clean we like listening to Country Music on car rides.

My kids love BTS. The energy and the dancing the group gives is fun to see! They had fun seeing them perform our new favorite song. My baby daughter was actually dancing which was adorable. My son was starstruck I think because he didn’t dance along like he usually does. It’s okay, I was a little shook too! Jungshook. Ha!

There so good I just wish there wasn’t so many meanies out there. Check out what this lady said about BTS.

This irks me. Gibberish? I did not respond to the stupidity that is this comment. I just angry faced it! Ha! Plenty of other fans set her straight. It’s a language you moron. I think she was just trying to get on everyone’s last nerve. It worked for me especially as a Bilingual person. I love them. I only understand their music because I read the translation. I WISH I was fluent in Korean so I could sing along completely but can’t. I’ll just stick to the parts in English. Ha!

For us that love BTS for their music and charm I love and adore you. I’ve only been a fan for 3 months so I can’t say that I was a part of them winning those awards last night. That’s the true armys hard work!

For those that dislike BTS, that’s okay dude just be nice. Stick to your music. Who is to say that a new band or celebrity will come out with a totally different gimmick and you love them whilst everyone hates them?

I remember talking so badly about mumble rap last year. I didn’t like it! I couldn’t understand them. But here I am loving a group that is hated for their music and language. Karma! I used to hate country music but give me some George Strate or Jason Aldean and that’s it for me! I also didn’t like Christian or Gospel songs but I’ve recently heard some amazing songs that get me crying in the car. I’m happy that I’m back into loving music again. Thank you BTS for opening up my mind to music. On a side note, I have had Ciara’s song stuck in my head since last night! Omg!

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What My Perfect Morning Looks Like- Mommy Edition

My perfect day would begin at 7am. I’d get myself ready quick in 10 minutes to take my son to preschool. This includes teeth brushing, face wash and of course outfit change.

Around 7:15 I wake up my little boy and on my perfect day he’ll get up without any struggle and tantrums. To the bathroom we go for his potty time and teeth brushing. His outfit would be ready and set from the night before, shoes and all.

By 7:30 he would be dressed and ready to go but not before a quick snack and milk or water.

He’s dropped off at preschool by 7:55 with 5 minutes to spare.

Back at home baby girl and daddy are still sound asleep. My days are always so much easier when my hubby is at home in the mornings, baby girl can continue her uninterrupted slumber.

8:10 to after 9:00 is my time alone with my hot coffee and phone. I hope to browse some inspirational reading to get me motivated for the day. On my perfect day I’ll use this time to get ready, maybe put some makeup on. (I usually just lie on the couch till my daughter wakes up.)

9:00 My daughter is awake and ready for her first bottle which I have warmed up and ready to go. She gets a diaper change and lots of kisses and is put back in bed to drink her milk while mommy prepares breakfast. A breakfast that she will eat and it will NOT end up on the floor. It’s my perfect day, remember. We both have our delicious healthy bowl of oatmeal with fruit, yogurt and water to drink.

By 10:00, the kitchen is clean from breakfast. I know what I’ll be making my honey for his brunch when he wakes up. My daughter is playing in the living room happily.

Until about 11am I usually get whatever laundry there is done and some cleaning. The motivation will be very high on my perfect day.

At 11:00 my daughter will have her bath and I’ll get her ready and cute for her day. Maybe we’ll have matching or corresponding outfits on this day.

By 11:45 were both dressed and ready to pick up our preschooler.

By 12:10 we are home and hubby is now awake ready to help with the babies while I prepare brunch for our family. The kids are playing nicely with each other and listening to their daddy. I can only hear bird chirping at this point. Loveliness…We sit and eat our delicious, hot food. Yum.

After this it’s followed by some more cleaning for me and playtime for the kiddos until they go down happily for a nap at 2pm. This is also the time for my beloved to go to work. Now again alone and quiet time for me while I prepare some activities for the kids and get a head start to dinner.

This is my perfect mommy morning.

While it’s not so far off from my usual morning, it’s a routine that I wish I could stick too. I also wish that I could actually hear birds chirping instead of the loud, chaotic, and sonic boom type that it is when my kids are constantly fighting. Ha! Also, to be perfectly honest, on some days I sleep in once my oldest is dropped off at school. My daughter can sleep in till 10 am after drinking her first bottle. My hubby gets home from work at 12 am or 1 am in the morning so yours truly doesn’t get to bed till 2am on some days. Going to bed that late starts me off on the wrong track for every morning. I live for the days that he works a normal 7am to 5pm work shift. I do have these perfect days that I speak of just not every single day. But that’s okay, I’ll take 3/5 weekdays.

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Growing My Nails 4/29/19

Fun fact: I have had this horrible habit of biting my nails. I know, it’s gross but it’s been this way for me for many years. I have stopped the habit and then started right back. But I have noticed just how weak and thin my nails are when they grow out a bit. (No pun intended)

Since the birth of my baby girl last February I have this urge to get back to being more girly. It’s probably because of all the pink she brought into our lives. Ha!

But seriously, since her birth I have made a promise to myself to dress up and go back to being the “girly girl” that once used to be. Nowadays, most people are okay with the casual look and even messy look. I am the first to go out and about in my leggings but I now know the importance that appearance is for oneself.

I have always wanted long, beautiful nails. My younger sister always has had long nails and I would be so envious. Me with my tiny nails was the girl that loved nail polish. She with the long, strong, nails hardly every polished them. But it’s okay I did it for her. They were so pretty that I had to polish them for her. Ha! I still love to do her nails to this day!

Since about 3 weeks ago I have begun the journey to grow my nails long and strong.

Left. Hand.

Right hand.

Last year for Mother’s Day I received a basket full of goodies from my family. They included this Keratin 3-day growth polish that is I believe from Sally’s. While the 3-day growth claim is bogus,it has made my nails significantly stronger. I have been applying this every 3 days since using it about a week ago.

Also a YouTube there are several videos about how to grow your nails. The one that I think makes the most sense is down below.

She also has a tips and tricks video that I thought was super helpful.

I’ve yet to try it for myself but I’ll be going to the grocery soon for the supplies. I hope it works. I’ll update my progress soon.

Any tips and tricks are welcomed. 😁

Just seeing a bit of growth is amazing to me…I assure you the nail biting habit is gone for sure just by seeing this improvement…baby steps! 😄