First Day Of Preschool

Today was my little boy’s first day of preschool! It was very exciting and nerve-wracking as he was in denial these last few days. The day came and the questions began… “but why do I have to go to school?”

The night before he went early to bed with no fuss and slept right away. It was me that was up till 1 am thinking of how fast the time has gone. Would I be able to remain strong for him and not weep and freak him out? I even moved him to our bed because I wanted to hold on to my little one just a bit longer.

I tell ya it’s hard being a mama. The joy they bring to our lives but also the bitter-sweet feelings these milestones come with. I blinked and four years flew by. He’ll always be my baby.

Drop off at his preschool was fairly smooth he did not shed a tear! He was exaxtic at the fact there were other little people like him there. We said goodbye and that was that. It went WAY better then I ever imagined.

All day I was so anxious for it to be time to go pick him up. The hardest thing might be the silence in the home. My sweet girl naps twice in the morning so not much noise from her. I wept a bit but I was so happy that he was there. This is great for him and his preschool is the greatest!

I picked him up 10 minutes earlier and right off the bat his teacher told me smilingly, “hes gonna be happy to see youπŸ˜„.” I thought,”oh no…” But turns our he wept on and off but that’s expected of course. Turns out he was just as anxious for mommy to come back but with reassurance he was fine. He even gave his teacher a hug on the way out. I tell you I have a great vibe of his school. That makes things so much better for the both of us. Hes excited to go back tomorrow! First day of preschool was successful! How’s was your little ones first day back? Let us know! I love showing my boy so he knows that everyone is going back to school. πŸ˜„

Thanks for readingπŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


Sibling Age Gap

Hello! How are you? I have been M.I.A. on my blog…apologies but i have been soaking up these last few week of summer and my time before my little boy goes off to preschool. This mama is having all sorts of emotions and thoughts but those will be put aside in a seperate post.

Anyways, back to today’s topic that I’ve wanted to blog about and that is: sibling age gap.

After I had my son in 2014, I was immediately asked, “when is baby #2 coming?” I would always reply, “not anytime soon, thanks!”

However, I do believe that most of our relatives thought I was only joking and I’d be expanding our family as soon as our kiddo turned one. Boy did I fool them. Hehe

But yes I wanted to discuss the pressure, if you will, that I endured. “Oh, it’ll be so much easier if they’re closer in age.” “Oh, just have another so you can be done early.” That was generally what I had to deal with.

The one comment that really bothers me is the one about being done growing my family. First of all, I love being pregnant! I may be sick as a dog through the whole thing, and I was twice, but it’s a moment in my life that I am so thankful for! There’s something so beautiful about carrying a human life and feeling their tiny feet kicking. If anything I wanted to wait until I was happy and would be able to enjoy another pregnancy. I do plan on having a 3rd baby in the future but I’m waiting patiently because not only do I have my 2, but that will be my last pregnancy that i will get to enjoy.. I’m getting sad just thinking about it.

39 weeks pregnat with Ximena. Enjoying my last days of pregnancy.

When my son turned one, I returned to work after my one year of maternity leave. I was in no way ready for my baby factory to be reopened. I also wanted to enjoy my Xavier. I wanted to give him all of our love and attention. Of course, another baby would make me happy! But at the time I knew where my goals and plans were. I wanted to start my careet and enjoy my baby. End of story. When my son turned 2, here we go again….

“Don’t wait too long…”

“You’re eggs are gonna fry!”

Haha just kidding on that last one but yes, this ordeal would go on and on especially after my Xavier’s birthday. Funny enough it wasn’t asked nor mentioned on his 3rd birthday…little did they know we had been trying for 4 months AND that I’d get pregnant the month afterwards! I love catching people off guard. Hah!

But seriously, I just couldn’t see myself bringing a new baby into thw world so soon. Major props to people that can have kids back to back. I would see Xavier as being so small at 1, 2 years old. I wasn’t ready to see him as a big brother. Maybe I just wanted to keep him my baby a tad bit longer….

Now that I have my two kids I am so happy with my decision. The almost 4 year age gap is working out just fine. Xavier adores his baby sister! Ximena is obsessed with her brother. They love each other. Xavier loves having her to make noise with him in the morning to wake up mommy and daddy. I remember when she first started screaming and finding her voice (at 7am) Xavier was laughing and laughing. He thought it was so funny, “I have my partner in crime..” he thought perhaps. 😏

I’m happy with the almost 4 year age gap, but to be completely honest I originally was hoping to have them 3 years apart. But Ximena was conceived when the time was right for us and then Little Miss took 5 months in order for me to get a positive test result.

I will say that if I do decide to have a third child I will plan for them to be 3 years apart. That’s the plan for our last child.

Xavier is so independent and hardly needs me so being able to tend to the baby is fairly easy. He also understand that baby sister is small and needs mama. He doesn’t get too jealous of her anymore because he understands that she is tiny. Also, having one child in diapers is a major plus. I do see the fun and excitement in having ones kids in closer age. They’re so cute when their babies# One major plus is that they will always have a buddy to play with. My Xavier doesn’t have any kids his age to play with. The other day we went to the park and there were some kids around his age. They were either brothers or cousins. Xavier played with them for awhile but of course they knew each other and would leave my boy behind. It made me sad. That may be my only regret in not having another child after my first… I’m hoping school brings lots of fun for my boy. He’s such a great kid!

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Family Matters

It’s Friday… yay…! not! Today my sweetie returns back to work from a six-day well needed vacation. It too was much deserved as my sweetheart has been working many long hours and some six-day work week. We were hoping to get away for a day for his vacation but being that we are a single income family this summer it was not in the bank so it was out of the plan, a major bummer. However, we decided to spend the time away from the job as best as we could as a family. Of course this is real life and it wasn’t all hugs, kisses and fairy tale gaga stuff but filled with some tantrums, bickering, and a fussy teething baby. LIFE. I’m so sure that when daddy is home the somewhat organization that I have established in our home goes backwards. The normal routine is no more. The kids compete even more for attention from mommy. Wish they could compete as much for daddy give mama a breather. πŸ˜‚

We went to the park to get our energetic 4 year old much needed outside playtime and us a break from the madness in the household. It was such a beautiful, sunny Florida day the perfect day to go the park. Unfortunately, I completely forgot that their was a waterpark for the little kids right next to the playground. thankfully my son, didn’t throw a fit as he was more upset at the fact that the older boys, who he was playing with, weren’t letting him catch up and tag them….tears, tears, and screaming. After calming down and getting away from the playground we managed to enjoy some of the view. I’m born and raised in Florida and I forget just how beautiful this state is. The beauty of the ocean and the blue skies. It’s truly breathtaking and makes me wish i could buy a boat someday because oh my gosh look at it!

We are hoping to go on a 2-hour boat ride one of these days and enjoy the ocean and maybe see a dolphin or two.


We spent some time with our families and had game night. It’s funny how just a simple game of UNO or Monopoly brings a family together and we can all have a good old time. One day it was at my in-laws house where we taught grandpa Uno and ordered Marco’s pizza. The expectant auntie and uncle were invited as well and it was just our little family. My sweetie only has one sister so we’re a small group but definitely growing and filling the grandparents home. I think it was nice for the expectant couple as they’re babygirl is now over due… a little fun before the real fun begins! Grandma of course had Ximena in her arms all the time so mommy was able to relax and play Uno with the family. After about 15 games, I managed to win one and the newbie (Grandpa) won three of them. hah! I always have a great time at my inlaws….the warmth and comfort is the best and I can see their happiness when they have their whole family together. My mother in-law is really living on cloud 9 with baby girl Ximena and now that the second baby girl grand daughter is near she is about to burst with happiness! Xavier is also now becoming more of a grandma’s boy. I think she really like that too!


Yesterday, we went with my family to the Big Cat Habitat and Sanctuary in Sarasota, Fl. It’s only 20 minutes away from where we live, the next town over, but it’s a place that my sweetie and my brother have been wanting to go too. I very much dislike wild animals, only because they are terrifying. I am literally scared and afraid of lions, tigers, and jaguars. That’s pretty much what is in this place, hello the name alone Big Cat Habitat it gets the creeps out of me. But my Xavier and my dad were also really into wanting to go so I could not say no to my boys.

As you can tell we had a blast! The animals were so beautiful….. huge and terrifying but so majestic. We saw tigers and lions. We also saw ligers! Yes, the cross between tiger and lion. it was amazing. they were gigantic! We saw some white tigers as well. This place is a gift to these animals. It was very different from a zoo. We attended one of the shows that the do. They gave some background information about themselves and their animals. They save the lives of these animals from people that are crazy enough to buy them as pets and then realize big mistake. These people save their lives and give them a home. This is the home of up to 50 tigers. They also have bears, and jaguars, bobcats, and of course the lions. I could see that these animals were very much loved. they all looked as happy as can be. They are mostly fed organic meat donated by local grocery stores. This place was truly magical and if any one reading this is in the area of Sarasota, Florida I urge you to check this place out! It’s a real gem in my book.

Later in the afternoon, after a well earned nap from our seeing the tigers we all met up at my dad’s house for some Monopoly. Again, a simple game can bring the whole gang together and everyone will have a good time! I think game night is going to be a thing for our families now. The laughter, the chit-chat and even the game trash talking is what’s its all about. There is nothing better than hanging with family. I didn’t get many pictures of us playing Uno or Monopoly because simply I was having too good of a time to whop out the camera phone but I think it may have been better this way. All those good memories are saved in my mind and besides there are many more to come!

This summer vacation may have not been as, “exciting” as others, it didn’t include an expensive trip or an overpriced theme park. This summer is being spent enjoying the beauty of where we live. It is being spent admiring the great places we have in our own backyard that we may have overlooked at some point. It is being spent with the best that money can’t buy, family…. because at the end of it all family is what matters the most. To me, this summer 2018 may be one of the best summers yet!

Ximena 5 Month Update

My sweet girl is turning 5 months tomorrow! Again, I have no idea how in the world she is growing up so quickly! Oh my heart, she is amazing.

I find myself looking back at her tiny, newborn pictures. It’s amazing to me how fast this is going. There I was just the other day huge, miserable and waiting for my girl and here she is now so big and heavy.

I actually took this picture when I was in active labor and was getting ready to head to hospital. πŸ‘‡

I can’t believe we are almost at the halfway mark, 6 months. I can’t believe that this girl is beginning to sit up and roll around and soon we shall see some baby teeth coming about!

She is all talk and yell, she has some lungs on her! I awake every morning to her singing. I like to think she’s telling mama that it is breakfast time sooooo wake up lady!

I’ll admit, mornings are not my favorite. It seems my son gets up earlier and earlier. This will be good for preschool that’s coming real soon. However, my heart aches because after the coffee kicks in I really do love my mornings with my kiddos. ❀

My Ximena is still nursing beautifully and we’ve started using up her staff of frozen breast milk. I was considering buying a deep freezer to put it in but I eventually did not have to pump as my milk production balanced out perfectly. We shall see how our breastfeeding journey goes when my gal develops those teeth. I’m not looking forward to it but I’m hoping we can cope and continue to move ahead to our one year goal of breastfeeding.

No more bassinet, sleeping beauty loves the extra leg room.

I still cry watching this….πŸ’•πŸ’•

She is so perfect.

I’m feeling so blessed being their mama, I have the best job in the world. I have no regrets and I know that the time I spend with these two is time that is well spent. I had an elderly neighbor once say to me that the real golden years are not the ones spent during retirment, they are in fact the ones spent raising your family. Now four years later and I remember this piece of advice and pass it on to others. They are little for a short while… I love being their mama. It’s an amazing feeling that I wish everyone could feel. They give me a purpose and inspiration… To somehow live up to the awesome person they see me. πŸ’•

Thanks for reading πŸ’•


3 Quotes 3 Days- Day 2 (late)

β€œA road need not be paved in gold to find treasures at its end.”

Honolulu, written by Alan Bennart is a fictional story that I read a few years ago. It’s a novel that I’d like to re-read once I get ahold of a copy. I read this novel in the span of four days because its was a very captivating story….

It tells the story of a young Korean girl who dreams of a better future. The story is based in the early 1900’s. In this point in time, young girls are undervalued and pretty much their viewed as a disgrace and dishonor. The poor girl was even named in what translates into Regret, her parents regretted having her. The young girl hopes to travel to America, for a better life than the one she’s been born into.

She becomes a, “picture bride” in hopes that her beauty will settle her with a husband in the Americas. The desperation this girl has is captured in a way that translates into the readers mind so beautifully and is very saddening.

She’s matched with a suitor and travels to Honolulu, Hawaii. All she has is a picture of her match. She comes to Honolulu only to discover that her handsome, young husband is anything but the contrary.

She then changes her name from Regret to Jin. Jin is determined to seek a better life, she is in America and wants to improve herself. In the novel we see the transition she makes from a naive girl to a wise woman. Towards the end she travels back to her native country to seek peace with her roots.

A road need not be paved in gold to find treasures at its end.

At times, so many people want to accomplish things in the, “right” way. There are those instances when individuals have all the tools for success but they are tossed aside… It doesn’t matter in which order things are done, as long as it gets started is what matters.

3 Quotes, 3 Days Challenge- Day1

“The days are long, but the years are short…”

First off, thank you to Kat from the lily cafe for this nomination!

Being that I have mommy blog,1 I wanted to begin this three-day challenge with a good old mommy quote that I find me saying to myself every single day. The days are long but the years are short…..deep breaths bedtime is getting closer. I’ve been having major mommy burnout these last few weeks that I keep repeating this to myself. Motherhood is truly the hardest job in the entire world. It’s been said many times before but I’ll say it again. From the beginning with the morning sickness followed by the huge appetite and weight gain and those labor pains that are forever set in my mind. (Breathing did not help FYI) But that’s not it, now we move on to the crying, the sleepless nights, all the poop, and the WORK that is needed to be put in to raise a child! Children are balls of energy, if we could somehow obtain that same energy as adults there would be no boundaries. But seriously it is no easy task, a mother’s work will never be done even after our children grow up and leave the nest…. mom will forever worry and care for her children. I already see myself being that mom that worries all the time…. I just love them so much.

It truly is amazing how these two little people can take so much out of a person. Whew! I begin the day exhausted and I go to bed exhausted. #momlife

But even though I’m so tired at times I still find the energy to push forward with my two jellybeans. Whether that’s having a clean, habitable home for them to live in or maybe a nice, healthy supper for my son to eat and to then later tell me that vegetables are not healthy and no he will not eat them. Then firing up the pan with a quesadilla so the child does not starve. I still try to be the best parent that I can be to my children. I know I will never be the perfect parent. My goal is to raise 2 good, loving, and caring individuals. There’s not enough of those in the world anymore.

The days are long but the years are short….absolutely. My four-year old will be attending preschool this August. This mama is very nervous and having all sorts of emotions. I’m excited because honestly I will have a small break from this strong-willed child of mine. Yes, I said it. I’m also feeling so sad and in complete shocked at how fast the years flew. I remember when he was 4 months old and it was the first day of school in August of 2014. I remember seeing all of my family and friends posting first day of school pictures of their children on Facebook, of course. (I get to participate this year!) Some of the mother’s were reminiscing on how fast their little one/ones had grown up as it was the first day of school for most of the kiddos. While seeing all these post, I sat there with my newborn and cried… I felt very sad that my baby was not going to stay this little forever. His baby kisses were only so many that I would receive, as were the times that he’d fall asleep in my arms. All those heartfelt, beautiful moments are only so many that we’ll experience with them and then no more. But I felt joy in seeing him grow up and seeing him talk and walk. I felt happy and relieved because his first day of school was WAY in the future! But here we are 7 weeks away from the big day…

All those sleepless night, those tantrum-filled days felt like an eternity but now looking back it’s not even a second in my mind. It goes by too quickly… I am going to make the most of these next 7 weeks with my little man because we will again not have our mornings together. My oatmeal-loving breakfast companion will be at school learning. He’s getting ready for the big league, kindergarten.

Oh the feels….

Thanks for reading!

I nominate anyone that follows my blog…get to thinking on some special quotes that have given meaning and impact to your life.

I’d appreciate any tips on how to make the first day of school somewhat easier! Thanks πŸ˜„β€β€β€β€

4 Month Old Update

My sweetheart is now 4 month olds! She is weighing 15.5 lbs and measuring 25 inches long! She feels much heavier than 15 lbs but that may be due to fact that the mommy separation anxiety is kicking up too high gear. Now let’s add teething and cutting that first pearly white into the mix and this chick is attached to mama’s hip! So yeah shes feel wayyy heavier to me. But I’m not complaining in the least bit because she’s chunking out from all of that breastmilk. We are still going strong with breastfeeding. πŸ™Œ

She is now old enough to start solids per her pediatrician but we will give it a few weeks till we start that transiton. I can’t beleive that I’ll be making baby food again, it’s just zooming by this time.

Her head strength game is strong! She’s starting to pull up and reach to pick her herself up and sit. She will be sitting on her own any day now. She’s old enough for her infant playtime seat.

She’s all lungs and talk! The other morning we awoke to her chit chatting away! Did I mention I have a screamer on my hands. Oh yes, she’s a screamer! When she needs some thing she screams and yells instead of crying. It cracks me up!

She’s the happiest little thing! All smiles and love! πŸ˜πŸ˜„