Sibling Age Gap

Hello! How are you? I have been M.I.A. on my blog…apologies but i have been soaking up these last few week of summer and my time before my little boy goes off to preschool. This mama is having all sorts of emotions and thoughts but those will be put aside in a seperate post.

Anyways, back to today’s topic that I’ve wanted to blog about and that is: sibling age gap.

After I had my son in 2014, I was immediately asked, “when is baby #2 coming?” I would always reply, “not anytime soon, thanks!”

However, I do believe that most of our relatives thought I was only joking and I’d be expanding our family as soon as our kiddo turned one. Boy did I fool them. Hehe

But yes I wanted to discuss the pressure, if you will, that I endured. “Oh, it’ll be so much easier if they’re closer in age.” “Oh, just have another so you can be done early.” That was generally what I had to deal with.

The one comment that really bothers me is the one about being done growing my family. First of all, I love being pregnant! I may be sick as a dog through the whole thing, and I was twice, but it’s a moment in my life that I am so thankful for! There’s something so beautiful about carrying a human life and feeling their tiny feet kicking. If anything I wanted to wait until I was happy and would be able to enjoy another pregnancy. I do plan on having a 3rd baby in the future but I’m waiting patiently because not only do I have my 2, but that will be my last pregnancy that i will get to enjoy.. I’m getting sad just thinking about it.

39 weeks pregnat with Ximena. Enjoying my last days of pregnancy.

When my son turned one, I returned to work after my one year of maternity leave. I was in no way ready for my baby factory to be reopened. I also wanted to enjoy my Xavier. I wanted to give him all of our love and attention. Of course, another baby would make me happy! But at the time I knew where my goals and plans were. I wanted to start my careet and enjoy my baby. End of story. When my son turned 2, here we go again….

“Don’t wait too long…”

“You’re eggs are gonna fry!”

Haha just kidding on that last one but yes, this ordeal would go on and on especially after my Xavier’s birthday. Funny enough it wasn’t asked nor mentioned on his 3rd birthday…little did they know we had been trying for 4 months AND that I’d get pregnant the month afterwards! I love catching people off guard. Hah!

But seriously, I just couldn’t see myself bringing a new baby into thw world so soon. Major props to people that can have kids back to back. I would see Xavier as being so small at 1, 2 years old. I wasn’t ready to see him as a big brother. Maybe I just wanted to keep him my baby a tad bit longer….

Now that I have my two kids I am so happy with my decision. The almost 4 year age gap is working out just fine. Xavier adores his baby sister! Ximena is obsessed with her brother. They love each other. Xavier loves having her to make noise with him in the morning to wake up mommy and daddy. I remember when she first started screaming and finding her voice (at 7am) Xavier was laughing and laughing. He thought it was so funny, “I have my partner in crime..” he thought perhaps. 😏

I’m happy with the almost 4 year age gap, but to be completely honest I originally was hoping to have them 3 years apart. But Ximena was conceived when the time was right for us and then Little Miss took 5 months in order for me to get a positive test result.

I will say that if I do decide to have a third child I will plan for them to be 3 years apart. That’s the plan for our last child.

Xavier is so independent and hardly needs me so being able to tend to the baby is fairly easy. He also understand that baby sister is small and needs mama. He doesn’t get too jealous of her anymore because he understands that she is tiny. Also, having one child in diapers is a major plus. I do see the fun and excitement in having ones kids in closer age. They’re so cute when their babies# One major plus is that they will always have a buddy to play with. My Xavier doesn’t have any kids his age to play with. The other day we went to the park and there were some kids around his age. They were either brothers or cousins. Xavier played with them for awhile but of course they knew each other and would leave my boy behind. It made me sad. That may be my only regret in not having another child after my first… I’m hoping school brings lots of fun for my boy. He’s such a great kid!

Thanks for reading.



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